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Heavy rigid vehicle includes:
  • a rigid vehicle, not being an unladen prime mover, with a minimum of three axles and a minimum 15 tonnes GVM or
  • a modified three axle prime mover with a certified detachable tray (with capacity to carry 75% of its specified GVM) with a GVM of 15 tonnes
  • a three axle articulated bus or
  • a three axle bus above 15 tonnes GVM.
A synchromesh system keeps the gears synchronised and revolving at the same speed as one another, creating a shift change that is smoother than other gear types can be.

heavy rigid synchro
Heavy Rigid (HR): TLILIC2016 Licence to drive a heavy rigid vehicle

Course Description

This course involves the skills and knowledge required to obtain a licence to drive a heavy rigid vehicle. It includes systematically and efficiently controlling all vehicle functions, monitoring traffic and road conditions, managing vehicle condition and performance and effectively managing hazardous situations.
1 Day
$1025 special (Mon-Fri)
$1125 special (Sat)

Entry requirements

To obtain a heavy rigid licence the following criteria apply:
  • Held an Australian/New Zealand driver licence for at two years.
  • Applicants must be aged 18.
  • You must bring your current Victorian Drivers Licence with you and keep it with you for the duration of the course. 
  • Must be 0.00% Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) and drug-free during all training and assessment.
  • Must be able to drive a manual gearbox.

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