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Order picker licence

Order picker licence training in Melbourne

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Order pickers are very useful in warehouses or stock rooms with narrow aisles or small areas. They are smaller than most forklifts and so are able to manoeuvre in those hard-to-reach areas. We currently have two-course options so you can get appropriate training whenever you need it.

TLILIC2002 – Licence to operate an order picker (LO)

Course Description

This course teaches the skills and knowledge required to operate an order picking forklift truck safely.
Order picking forklift truck means a forklift truck where the operator controls are incorporated with the lifting media and elevate with the lifting media.
A person performing this work is required to hold an order picking forklift truck high risk work (HRW) licence.
This unit requires a person operating an order picking forklift truck to plan the work, conduct routine checks on order-picking forklift trucks, shift loads in a safe manner, and safely shut down and secure equipment after completing operations.
One Day
$365 (on special)
Two Days
$405 (on special)

Entry requirements

To obtain an order picker licence card you need:
  • Applicants must be aged 18.
  • You will need to supply a form of ID. Either a Medicare card or current passport. 
  • Basic English literacy and numeracy skills at a level sufficient to read and interpret workplace documentation (tested on enrollment).
  • Wear appropriate clothing and steel-toed boots or similar appropriate footwear. 
  • Learner Guide must be completed (approx. 20 hours) after enrollment but prior to commencing the course.
  • Must be able to understand and speak English

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