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Non Synchromesh type gear box heavy combination training courses in Melbourne

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A heavy combination vehicle includes:
  • a prime mover with a minimum of three axles and a semi-trailer with a minimum of two axles – vehicle must have a GCM rating of at least 24 tonnes or
  • a heavy rigid vehicle towing a trailer – trailer must have at least two axles and a GVM of 12 tonnes or more.
Many of the newer semi-trailer vehicles have a synchromesh transmission, but many established companies still have non-synchromesh trucks as their majority.

heavy combo non synchro
Heavy-Combination (HC) TLILIC3017 Licence to drive a heavy combination vehicle

Course Description

This unit involves the skills and knowledge required to obtain a licence to drive a heavy combination vehicle. It includes systematically and efficiently controlling all vehicle functions, monitoring traffic and road conditions, managing vehicle condition and performance, coupling and uncoupling of trailer and effectively managing hazardous situations.
1 1/2 days
$1395 special (Mon-Fri)
$1495 special (Sat)

Entry requirements

To obtain a heavy combination licence the following criteria apply:
  • Held an Australian/New Zealand driver’s licence for at least 2 years (24 months) including a MR or HR licence for at least 1 year
  • You must bring your current Victorian driver's licence with you and keep it with you for the duration of the course.
  • Must be 0.00% Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) and drug-free during all training and assessment.
  • Must be able to drive a manual gearbox.

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